Tuesday, 26 July 2016

New Stamps!!!

Yay! I'm so excited to have some more stamp designs released with Stampotique Originals this week! It is always sooo exciting to see your designs in rubber, and then even more exciting to see what others make with them :-)))

Often my designs are taken from my art and art journals. Here's the scribble angel as she originally appeared:

 I've always had a bit of thing for beach huts. We see them often in and around the coastline of the UK and they are just sooo cute. I began painting these onto to bits of driftwood that I picked up  on my travels (as you do!) and now they are a stamp:

I don't think you ever have too many texture stamps. These are the stamps that you will use over and over. This cube features some of my most used background stamps:

And also my MOST favourite spiral, taken from one of my hand carved stamps. You can see these texture stamps in this little book I made a while ago (and everything else I ever make too!)

And here's my final release .. and this time it is totally new and not something taken from one of my art journal pages. 

I haven't actually received my latest stamps yet so I can't actually show you anything that I have made! But you can see all of my designs for Stampotique Originals *here*.

And there's a blog hop happening too with all of the latest releases. You can see that *here*.

Right, that's it from me for now. The summer holidays have finally arrived, and after a very, very busy few weeks for me I am signing out of blogland and social media for a while and as always spending some precious quality time with my family. See you in a while! Happy summer everyone!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Live TV! Yikes!

Well, what a weekend! Last weekend I was at the Hochanda TV studios to film 5 LIVE TV shows for DecoArt in association with Tando Creative, and GelliArts.

So what is it like filming live TV? Let me tell you, it's truly terrifying! But I had the most amazing, reassuring, wonderful feedback throughout on Facebook, which made me feel a whole lot better (Thank you!)

Some things I learned about filming for TV:

It is scary.
An hour can whizz by in what feels like seconds.
Unless it is not going so well then an hour can feel like days.
Looking directly into the camera is HARD.
The presenters have a tough time of it. They get criticised by viewers for giving the sales pitch, but then told to advertise the product by the managers....
Everyone who works in TV seems to be young and trendy.
Feedback on social media is a huge support :-)

Here I am filming with Hayley ...

And then with Paul ...

And here is one of my programmes in progress ...

I was super-lucky to have the support of Kathy from DecoArt :-)

And in the entrance of Hochanda Studio there are some rather large thrones. Well, you've got to haven't you?! It would be rude not to.

The programmes are available on catch-up on Hochanda for a few days so if you didn't manage to catch them but would like to take a peek have a look here: Hochanda

Thursday, 14 July 2016

More news!


OOOh, how lucky am I to be teaching at this fabulous Ministry of Mixology retreat next year alongside the very lovely France Papillon

I taught at this retreat alongside Andy Skinner, in association with Tando Creative,  earlier this year and it was a FANTASTIC event, loved every minute! Great location and hotel, great products to work with, and all in all a very enjoyable time was had by all. Hope to see some of you there next time.

Tickets will be going on sale soon, but they tend to sell out really quickly so just giving you a heads up .... Watch this space!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Ooooh, guess what?! I'm going to be on the telly :-)) This is exciting and terrifying in equal measure!

This coming weekend, I will be demonstrating 5 mixed media techniques over 5 shows on Hochanda using the very lovely Media fluid acrylic paints by DecoArt, and  some fab substrates by Tando  Creative (including my updated bigger and better planner kit), in association with Country Love Crafts.

Here you can see some of the samples for my shows ...

I'm planning to show you various techniques over the 5 shows, and by the final show all of the techniques will be rolled into one final project - my big and beautiful art journal planner!

You can follow what's happening on social media: Hochanda on Facebook and leave comments, or on my facebook page: Of course this is all monitored during shows so if you want to see more of something let us know and we can work on it for the next show.

 So, if you want to see me in action here are the details, and don't forget you can watch on catch up too (I won't blame you if you're not up and around for the first Sunday show. I'm really NOT a morning person so it could be interesting haha!)

Tune in to see Kate Crane’s very first launch One Day Special show using the Deco Art products on Hochanda on Saturday 16th July at 8pm and the following day, Sunday 17th at 9am, 12pm, 4pm & 7pm! 

You can watch Hochanda live online, Sky channel 663, Freeview 39 (6am - 9pm) or Freesat 817.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mmmm Distress Crayons!

Do you know, I didn't know I needed Distress Crayons until someone (GEMMA!)  lent me theirs at a workshop I was teaching, and they then immediately fell into my shopping basket ;-) I am really liking these as an art journal, mixed media tool. I have deliberately avoided all tutorials and videos showcasing this product because the minute I see how someone else uses a product I can't think of any other way. Best to just play on your own first, and then watch videos (but I still haven't done that last bit bit!)

This is how the page began. I gessoed a page in my black square Dylusions journal leaving a bit of black showing around the edge. I added a very small amount of acrylic paint with my fingers just to get my started, and then began layering the Distress crayons over the top. I like to scribble a bit with them and then blend them with my fingers. You can splat water on them too to make a pattern. But here's the bit I really like ... you can just draw patterns and symbols with them. LOVE! I felt like a kid with a new packet of Crayolas.

Because these are a Distress product, once they are dry you can write over them, and layer up with other products, unlike oil pastels for instance. I also found out, and this is important, that once they are dry they no longer smudge or move on the page. Result!

I added a bit more to my page, including some stamping, some old text, some washi tape ... and more Distress crayon of course.

And then I decided to add a figure. In my head she was going to be quite different to how she turned out, but hey ho, that's art journaling for you! She's not ideally placed on the page - she would have looked a bit better to the left, but I didn't want to cover up the red flower/circle thing so I had to work round it. Yay for no rules!

She had various different things in her hands before I finally settled on a flock of birds. She has a little acrylic paint on her face as a base flesh tone, but other than that she's all done in crayon.

I'm loving the layers you can build up using these crayons:

And here is bird lady on my desk easel. Now, I don't want to upset all of you neat freaks who like to keep things in order in their original packets (you know who you are!) you can see all three of my crayon packets tipped out into one haphazard collection. Ahhh, that's better!

Byee for now!