Thursday, 14 May 2015

Something different ....

I have been running local card-making workshops in my village for about 10 years now. Unbelievable .. it feels like about 6 months! Over those years we have covered many many different techniques and styles and we have had a lot of messy fun along the way. This week we ae making angel cards using some of my stamps for Stampotique Originals.

Although my usual style is much more mixed-media based, and definitely more messy (see previous post!) I try and cater for a variety of different tastes (and ages!) of my regular workshop go-ers.

Here's a selection of what we'll be up to this weekend. First off, a very clean and simple style using Ranger Texture Paste as part of the background I have to really fight the urge to layer this up with lots of colour! My biggest problem when doing this sort of thing is keeping my finger prints off it!

Kate's Angel and Carol's flower by Stampotique Originals
Star stencil by Dylusions

I gave 'Kate's Angel' some Martha Stewart butterfly wings this time! And went for a simple single colour using Distress Ink.

Quote by Tim Holtz

But needless to say things got a bit more colourful ... Distress Inks and lots of water to make this background, followed by 'Journey Collage' - one of my all-time fave background stamps.

Sing and Journey Collage by Stampotique Originals

And another background made with Distress Inks. although much more pastel than my usual palette.

Guardian  by Stampotique Originals
Quote by Tim Holtz

It's good to try something different once in a while ... but don't worry, normal service will resume shortly!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Adventures in finger painting.

I know that some people don't like paint on their hands, like REALLY don't like it, but I actually find it quite soothing. Now soil is a different matter - urgh! HATE gardening HATE the feeling of soil on my hands! Colourful paint however, is a different matter. Very often when faced with the scary blank white page I will just 'scribble' my fist patch of colour on with my hand. No more scary white space and I'm good to go.
I used the gorgeous new Dylusions paints for this page and I can honestly say the colours are AWESOME. These paints have almost a fluid consistency, but if you find they dry a bit too quick when finger painting (the heat from your hand speeds things up a bit!) you could try missing with a heavier body white such as an Amsterdam.

Her's my first 'scribbled' layer:

I then added a few more colours ... still very scribbly as you can see ...

I stencilled through a Dylusions stencil, using a sponge and only colours that I had already used, then added some doodling with a white Signo Uniball pen (the BEST white gel pen!), and then some touches of black. Every page needs a touch of black.

Some scrapes with an old credit card and a few bottle lids ... both ways up .... and my background is good to go. My hands however, need a good scrub ;-)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A catch up.

A catch up post today, as I have been really busy - here, there and everywhere! 

First of all I wanted to share pics of the latest publication by Dawn Sokol, and I'm in it!! Wheeeeee! So happy to be included in the gorgeous book and very excited to be published alongside so many of my arty on-line buddies :-) There's a lot of people and art I recognise in this book, it's fab!
Dawn's previous art Journaling book - 1,000 artist journal pages - has kept me occupied for literally hours!

At the weekend I headed 'darn sarf' to teach the last ever workshop at The Stamp Attic in Oxford *sniff sniff*. Wendy and Colin have decided to retire which is fabulous for them, but a little sad for the rest of us..... Still, we made the most of it this weekend and created lots of messy, painty, inky art. Thanks to everyone who came along, to Lisa and Wendy for the yummy cakes, and to Colin and Wendy for their awesome hospitality.

And finally, I have been posting pics of my crochet over on Facebook and lots of you have been asking for the pattern. First of all I should explain that even though I have been a life-long knitter I am totally new to crochet. I have been watching some of my friends crochet so I decided to have a go. Actually it's not that hard! I bought myself this book, watched a few you tube vids, had a bit of a practice and then started on this blanket designed by Lucy at Attic24. I chose this one because it seemed to be the easiest, and also LOOK AT THE COLOURS!!!

 Early beginnings ....

Added a bit more ....

Over 2/3rds of the way through and already keeping me warm in the garden!

Lucy's designs are amazing. She has put the funky back into crochet, and she shares lots of photos of how it SHOULD look, oh so helpful for a novice like me!

Byee for now.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cake is the answer ...

Cup of fun certainty by Daniel Torrente for Stampotique Originals
Text circles from Love Struck Lucy by Dylusions
Paints and stencils by Dylusions

I've been wanting to play around with repeating images on a journal page for a while, and this cup cake just seemed to fit.

Cake is the answer? Of course it is! 

I added a teeny tiny tag in the corner and borrowed a quote from Alice in Wonderland. Not that I need reminding to eat cake, I LOVE cake!

A bit of random stitching under each cake helped to 'ground' them a little ...

It can be quite tricky to achieve balance and cohesion when using repeating images used all over a page. I found that by repeating images and bringing them off the edge of the page I was able to achieve a truly random look. I used lots and lots of circles in the background, as well as added stamped text circles, to kind of hold everything together. And I was careful with my colour choices, adding touches of pink to tie the cupcakes to the background. 

The background was painted with the *new* Dylusions paints. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Nicely fluid which is great for your art journal and BRIGHT colours. Yum! And I coloured the cupcakes with my Copics but then scribbled a bit with my Polychromos pencils to scruff them up a bit. Can't have anything too neat and tidy now can we?!

So now I am feeling like eating cake! Byeeeee

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Out of my comfort zone ...

for Stampotique Originals

I hold a regular art journalers workshop at my fab local art shop - Art from the Heart - and a fab bunch of hard-core journalers come along once a month to get painty and messy, and generally try out new things. They like to push me and give me ideas for future classes ... things they'd like to try, and this month they have pushed me right out of my comfort zone. BLACK AND WHITE!!!

As you know, colour generally rocks my world, so when you take that away ... well, let's just say it was a shock to the system. But the funny thing is I really enjoyed it. Really. I had to work at the whole balance, texture, composition thing because I could not rely on my tried and tested colour combos,  but now I am actually very happy with the result.

But of course, I couldn't stop there. I then wanted to try out black and white with a pop of colour, and this I really do like :-) Mmmm, black, white and a touch of Magenta. Lovely.

for Stampotique Originals

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard, and it doesn't always work. But sometimes, it pushes you to try new things ... to work a little harder ... and the sense of achievement is truly worth it.

And here they are side by side on my little desk easel ... surrounded by colour of course.

 If you are coming along to my regular art journaling class this weekend, you will need a white pen. And if you can't make it but want to try the black/white thing then don't worry, you can do it next time (are you listening Pam?!)